We are excited to introduce the Vatel® Salt Collection, a line of gourmet salts that will elevate the taste of your dishes to an exceptional level. With the Vatel® brand, you will find a variety of high-quality salts, carefully selected and produced to meet the most demanding palates.

Our collection covers a range of specialty salts, from classic sea salts to flavored salts and gourmet salts. Each Vatel® salt crystal is harvested from natural sources and undergoes a delicate refining process to ensure its purity and perfect texture. With different flavor profiles and distinctive textures, our salts are able to enhance the flavors of food in a unique way.

  • Coarse Sea Salt


  • Fleur de Sal - 175g


  • Coarse Sea Salt - 10kg


  • Iodized Fine Salt - 250g


  • Fine Salt - 250g



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