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  • Doce de Leite Tradicional - 350g

    Uai Delicias Doce de Leite Tradicional - 350g

    The Doce de Leite is a sweet based on milk and sugar and traditional in several Latin American countries. It is usually made by boiling milk with sugar or cooking condensed milk and is used in candies and other sweet foods such as cakes, biscuits or ice cream and in some places, it is enjoyed with toast or used as a filling for churros. Ingredients:Milk, Invert sugar, Glucose, Milk powder, Margarine, Starch, Sorbic acid (preservative E200), Salt and emulsifier: soy lecithin. Allergic: Contains milk and lactose. Nutrition information: Amount per serving -1000 g:   AMOUNT % RDA* Energetic value 782kJ / 185kcal  ** Carbohydrates / of which sugar 34,7g / 31,4 g  ** Proteins 3,4g  ** Total fats 3,7g  ** Saturated fats 2,3g  ** Trans fats g ** Dietary fiber 0g  ** Sodium 0,1mg  ** * % “Recommended Daily Allowances“ (RDA) is based on a 2.000 Kcal or 8.400 kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your needs. 
** RDA not established.  



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