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  • Farinha de Mandioca Grossa - 1kg

    PQ Farinha de Mandioca Grossa - 1kg

    Manioc flour is the basic ingredient of the accompaniment "Farofa", which is served with the national dish "Feijoada" or with the grilled meats "Churrasco". With this flour you can prepare at home the famous "Farofa" according to your own recipe and taste. The "Farofa" usually consists of manioc flour fried in butter, seasoned with onion, salt, bacon and parsley. In Brazil, "Farofa" is also used to stuff poultry and other dishes - with sultanas, nuts and / or chopped apples and bananas, depending on taste. Ingredients: Manioc flour. Nutrition Information: Amount per serving - 50g:  AMOUNT % RDA* Energetic Value 773 kJ / 184 kcal ** Carbohydrates 45g ** Sugars 0g ** Proteins 0,5g ** Saturated fats 0g ** Trans fats 0g ** Dietary fibre 4,5g ** Sodium 0mg ** * % “Recommended Daily Allowances“ (RDA) is based on a 2.000 Kcal or 8.400 kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your needs. ** RDA not established.   



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