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  • Panela de Pressão Polida Classic - 4.5L

    Panelux Panela de Pressão Polida Classic - 4.5L

    Responsible for the best-selling pressure cooker in Latin America, the Classic High Shine line is the greatest expression of quality with a great cost-benefit ratio. Among the differentials of the products are the high gloss polished aluminium, the ergonomic handles and the Inmetro certified safety, always present in "Panelux®" pieces. Recommendations of use and care: Before using the utensil remove all labels, wash it with water, soap or detergent using a soft sponge, rinse and dry it. Do not leave the piece exposed to fire if it is empty, overheating can damage it and reduce its life expectancy. Do not use in ovens, microwaves, industrial stoves, and induction stoves.



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