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  • Pack Macieira + Ballantines Oferta com 4 Copos

    Macieira Pack Macieira + Ballantines Oferta com 4 Copos

    Enjoy the perfect match with a Macieira + Ballantines Pack. With this bundle, you get the finest Portuguese Brandy and world-famous Scotch Whisky. Sure to impress your guests, pour either one neat or mix up a classic cocktail for friends and family. An added bonus of this bundle is the four glasses included—perfect for enjoying your favorite drinks. Get ready for an unforgettable experience with a Macieira + Ballantines Pack!


  • Brandy Five Stars - 1L

    Macieira Brandy Five Stars - 1L

    "Macieira®" is a Portuguese brand, which since its creation in 1885 has been appreciated all over the world. Since its foundation by José Guilherme Macieira, it is distinguished by its smooth, rich and well-structured flavour, providing a unique and authentic taste. ANALYSIS: 36% Álcool  GRAPES: Trajadura, Loureiro e Arinto. Tasting Notes:Aroma: Fruity with floral notesPalate: Sweet and fruity, with notes of old wood, ripe fruit ripe fruit, dried fruit such as sultanas or nuts, liquorice, caramel and vanilla.unctuosity. Long finish. Colour: Intense amber.



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