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  • Conjunto de Taça Simples com Bocal

    Casa das Cuias Conjunto de Taça Simples com Bocal

    Chimarrão Cup is ideal for those who love to enjoy their mate tea with high quality, flavor and tradition.


  • Bomba para Chimarrão Bojo Redondo

    Casa das Cuias Bomba para Chimarrão Bojo Redondo

    This drinking tube is used to enjoy the traditional South American mate tea. Without a bombilla, drinking mate tea is not befitting of one's status. The mate straw is as much a part of the drinking ritual as the calabash and the dried mate leaves. The bombilla is a thin drinking tube that can be used to enjoy the delicious infusion drink one puff at a time. It reliably filters the mate leaves and is crucial for the common mate ritual.  


  • Conjunto de Taça Martelada

    Casa das Cuias Conjunto de Taça Martelada

    Drinking chimarrão is part of the everyday life of every gaucho. Sitting with family, friends and in the late afternoon with a beautiful wooden gourd and a thermos full of hot water to comfort long conversations. The custom of preparing a good chimarrão is an old one, which originated from the Guarany Indians in Paraguay and was adopted by the Spanish, as they said that the herb improved their hangover the following day. The fact is that the culture of drinking yerba mate has taken full root and prevails to this day. But to drink a good mate, you need to know how to make chimarrão and of course, have a nice gourd.How to make chimarrão: 1- Put 2/3 of green yerba mate in your wooden gourd.2- Cover the mouth of the gourd with your hand and tilt it. The yerba mate should be all on one side only.3- Lift the gourd a little, but not completely. Put some boiling water in it so that the powder can settle there. Wait for the water to be absorbed.4- Cover the mouth of your pump with your finger and place it in the bottom of the gourd, buried in the mate.5- Now just serve! When the infusion is finished, add more water. You now know how to make chimarrão!



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