Cachaça 51

Cachaça 51

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  • Cachaça 51 Pirassununga - 1L

    Cachaça 51 Cachaça 51 Pirassununga - 1L

    We present to you the authentic Cachaça 51 Pirassununga, a drink nationally recognized for its quality and unique flavor. Distilled in copper stills and aged in oak barrels, Cachaça 51 Pirassununga has a unique combination of fruity and woody notes, perfect to be enjoyed neat or in delicious drinks and cocktails. With a tradition of more than 60 years, Cachaça 51 Pirassununga is a symbol of Brazilian culture, and a product of excellence that brings the true essence of cachaça. Try it right now and surrender to the unmatched flavor of Cachaça 51 Pirassununga. ANALYSIS: 38% Alcohol 


  • Cachaça 51 - 700ml

    Cachaça 51 Cachaça 51 - 700ml

    Unparalleled transparency, flavor and aroma are the main characteristics of this product that has become a major milestone in the history of cachaça worldwide. Ingredients:Cachaça and water Tasting Notes:Liquid with a shiny and crystalline appearance. It is a well-balanced drink with a soft and slightly sweet taste. Smooth and rich aroma with delicious fruity and floral notes.



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