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  • Mani Tapioca - 500g

    Bhars Mani Tapioca - 500g

    Mani Tapioca® was created thinking of that typical tapioca from the Northeast of Brazil that you ate in front of some beach paradise.The package is stored upright in the refrigerator, with a Zipper closure to provide greater durability.Ideal for the most varied recipes beyond the basic tapioca. Use your imagination and build a life full of health and well-being. IngredientsCassava starch and water.Allergenic InformationGLUTEN FREE. Storage: At room temperature without refrigeration. After opening keep closed in the package and in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.Preparation RecommendationPreheat the frying pan over medium heat. Once heated lower the heat and spread evenly 3 tablespoons (51g) of Mani Tapioca so as to cover the entire bottom. Cook over low heat for approximately 1 minute or until the "flour" comes together forming a "pancake". Turn and cook the opposite side for the same time. After cooking turn over again. With the Tapioca in the frying pan add the filling you like the most, fold it in half moon shape and remove from heat. Wait for it to cool a little bit and have a nice bite! Nutritional informationAmount per serving - 100g: AMOUNT % RDA* Energetic value 933 kJ / 223 kcal 11 Carbohydrates / of which sugar 55g / 0g 20 / 0 Dietary fiber 1.8g 7 Fats / of which saturated 0g 0 Salt 0g  0 * Recommended Daily Allowance" (RDA) is based on a diet of 2,000 Kcal / 8,400 kJ. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your needs.** RDA not determined.


  • Seven Seas Alga Marinha Amendoa e Sesamo - 35g

    Bhars Seven Seas Alga Marinha Amendoa e Sesamo - 35g

    Oven-roasted seaweed snack, stuffed with slivers of toasted almonds and sesame seeds. It provides vitamins, minerals, plant protein and fibre. It's great as a quick snack or even as a salad topping and gives you and our brave hero the mouth-watering taste and nutrients needed for everyday life! IngredientsMaltose, sesame, seaweed and almond AllergicContains sesame and almond Storage: Keep at room temperature Nutrition informationAmount per serving - 100g   AMOUNT % RDA* Energetic value 1953 kJ / 465 kcal  23 Carbohydrates / of which sugar 62g / 18.7g  24 / 21 Proteins 14g  28 Total fats 17g  26 Saturated fats 2.94g  15 Trans fats 0g ** Dietary fiber 9.19g  37 Sodium 0.36g  6 * % “Recommended Daily Allowances“ (RDA) is based on a 2.000 Kcal or 8.400 kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your needs. ** RDA not established.



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