Nova Açores

Nova Açores
The brand's "Nova Açores" collection is a tribute to the natural wonders and riches of the Azores archipelago, located in the middle of the Atlantic. This collection brings with it the essence and authenticity of the islands, capturing the magic and beauty of this tropical paradise.

The foods in the "Nova Açores" collection stand out for the quality of the ingredients that come from the region. From artisanal cheeses and delicious dairy products, to tropical fruit and fresh seafood, each item is selected with the aim of providing a unique and memorable gastronomic experience.

So allow yourself to dive into the "Nova Açores" collection and discover the flavours, aromas and history of this Atlantic treasure. Explore the gastronomic delights and exceptional drinks that capture the essence of the Azores, providing an unforgettable experience and a deep connection with this tropical paradise.

3 products

  • Nova Açores Leite Meio Gordo UHT - 1L


  • Queijo Flamengo Bola 1/4 Nova Açores - 280g


  • Leite de Pastagem Meio Gordo sem Lactose UHT Nova Açores - 1L



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