Casa da Prisca

Casa da Prisca

Casa da Prisca® is a true gastronomic treasure, dedicated to offering high-quality gourmet products that delight the most demanding palates. With a family tradition rooted for over four generations, this Portuguese brand is recognized for its commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Located in Trancoso, in the heart of Beira Transmontana, Casa da Prisca® stands out for the production and commercialization of sausages, hams, and a variety of handmade products that reflect the culinary richness of the region. Each item is carefully prepared using traditional methods and selected ingredients, resulting in authentic and unmistakable flavors. With sophisticated packaging and a touch of elegance, Casa da Prisca® offers an exceptional dining experience, conveying the passion, pride, and family tradition in each product that bears its name.


9 products

  • Traditional Alheira - 180g


  • Game Alheira - 180g

    Casa da Prisca Game Alheira - 180g


  • Turkey Alheira - 180g

    Casa da Prisca Turkey Alheira - 180g


  • Bísaro Pork Alheira - 180g


  • Traditional Sausage - 200g


  • Last stock! Alheira Transmontana Paté - 90g


  • Caramelized Onion with Balsamic and Sweet Wine - 450g


  • Last stock! Paté with Sweet Wine - 90g


  • Last stock! Black Olive Paste - 230g

    Casa da Prisca Black Olive Paste - 230g



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