HACCP Certificate

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HACCP, the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, is a way to ensure food safety and quality by identifying and controlling hazards that may affect the food. It is a system that is accepted worldwide and helps companies manage risks throughout the entire food process, from production to serving the final consumer. By getting HACCP certification, a company shows that it follows strict standards to control food safety and quality.

Made in Market obtained the HACCP Certificate

Obtaining HACCP certification showcases our company's dedication to food safety and customer satisfaction. It also strengthens the reputation of our brand and keeps us at the forefront of the constantly evolving field of food safety. HACCP certification is internationally recognized as a mark of excellence and is respected around the world. With a long history of certifying various industries, including food-related sectors, HACCP certification is a trusted and reliable way to ensure that a company is meeting the highest standards of safety and quality.

Our Commitment

At Made in Market, we prioritize the safety and quality of our imported food products. Our commitment to providing safe and high-quality food products to our customers in Europe is evident in the implementation of our Quality and Food Safety Management System.

Our overall management is dedicated to continuous improvement in quality, food safety, and customer satisfaction. Our objectives include achieving maximum customer satisfaction, assuming responsibility for food safety with all individuals in our company, preventing non-conformities and food hygiene hazards, and proper planning and execution of processes to comply with quality and legal requirements in food safety.

Our quality management system and food safety protocols are continuously reviewed and improved based on feedback from customer perception of the service obtained and product conformity. We ensure that all our staff members contribute to the development, maintenance, and evaluation of our quality and food safety system, promptly informing of problems, suggesting improvements, cooperating with authorities, and participating in registered practices.

We are committed to ensuring that our policy is understood at all levels of our organization. Our management disseminates and informs all workers of the continuous implementation of our quality and food safety system that affects all members of our team from top to bottom, representing our commitment to maintaining a policy based on quality and food safety.

At Made in Market, we guarantee the human, technical, and economic resources necessary to achieve the highest level of quality assurance. We are proud to offer our customers a range of safe and high-quality food products from various countries, knowing that our commitment to quality and food safety is paramount in everything we do.


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